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Welcome !
  The Club has been in existence for some thirty five years and for most of that time has made use of the flying facilities in the Tynpynfarch area, on the road from Penrhyncoch to Bontgoch. Our site is well away from inhabited areas and, because of this, there are no restrictions on times when you may fly.....fine Sunday afternoons are most popular!
 However, because there are a few houses within our sound envelope, common sense dictates that we do not fly IC models very early in the morning or very late in the evening. In fact, we do not fly excessively noisy models at any time. Other advantages of that our site gives us is slope soaring a 600 m walk away (no vehicular access) on the ridge overlooking Penrhyncoch and also a small lake is available for sail and electric boats. No IC boats or aircraft are allowed on the lake.
  As with most things in this world our site is not perfect, the altitude that gives us seclusion (180m or 600ft above sea level) does ensure that the wind blows much of the time and, because we have reclaimed this flying strip from a bog it is currently limited in size which makes the pit area and car parking arrangements far from ideal. However, we are continually making improvements.
  Membership varies somewhat from year to year but typically is between 40 and 60. Not all members are from Aberystwyth, some travel considerable distances to fly. We have no restrictions on the type of model that can be flown. IC models range from trainers and scale models to acrobatic fixed wing machines and helicopters. Electric power is very popular and again these models range from trainers and scale to fully acrobatic. We even see the occasional jet (gas turbine) powered model!
  Club facilities are housed in a large hut that provides shelter, a heater, seating area and coffee and tea making facilities. Members can obtain a key from the Treasurer or Secretary.